The Problem

Collage Dance Collective is a professional ballet company and conservatory, based in Memphis, on a mission to inspire the growth and diversity of ballet. But, their web presence was being dwarfed by low SEO scores and brand confusion.

The Solution

I created a website for Collage Dance Collective that worked to inspire the growth of ballet by showcasing a repertoire of relevant choreography and world-class dancers representative of their community. Doing a comprehensive UX audit, I was able to identify key pain points and totally reimagine a product that vibrantly said “you, yes you, belong here”. Through compelling storytelling we were able to clearly tell the story of people of color in ballet.

The Outcome

Going from 2 avg. daily users to 45,000 users and 175,000 avg. yearly page views the company was able to increase access to outstanding ballet training, increase diversity on professional ballet stages, and increase participation by people of color at the ballet and other fine arts events. This rapid growth of dancers and students lead to a capitol campaign to build a world class facility—currently raising over $10.5 million.


  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production
  • Strategy


Contract Web Designer