The Problem

50% of Kenyan youth are not in school due to lack of resources. Inspire Spaces, a Kenyan nonprofit, needed creative solutions to solve this epidemic.

The Solution

I helped to lead an initiative to restore hope to a generation of children growing up in the most adverse environments. We created a marketing campaign called Beyond the Border in-which a team would travel 7,000 miles by car across southeastern Africa. The goal was to raise awareness and increase the amount of students in the program.

The Outcome

Our campaign was able to increase student enrollment by 20%, recruit 10 Kenyan born mentors, and build an entire school from scratch in 10 days (which the governor of the providence was astounded by). More than that, we created a safe space for students to feel empowered to dream of the future they deserve.


  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • Print Decals
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Videography


Contract Designer, Videographer, and Photographer

Part of a video series I shot on the ground in Kenya. The series was syndicated on various news channels.

This project required more than phone calls and video conferencing.
It required me to see the impact for myself.

At the invitation of the CEO and Board of Directors, I was able to get on a flight to Nairobi and experience what the organization does first hand. It was an amazing 10 days of releasing presuppositions for the sake of creating a better product.

Going to West Africa many times, I assumed that I was an expert on East Africa as well. But, it was a whole new world. A completely different history, culture, and political system. After the immersion we worked hard to synthesize the data and create insights that would inform marketing strategies. The final products landed on multiple media outlets including major US and Kenyan news networks.

Photos I took during the journey of discovery

Executive Director of Inspire Spaces

If you’re looking for a versatile designer who will take on any challenge, its definitely Dave! He is creative and knowledgeable; worked around our budget to deliver high quality photography, videos, campaign material and a new logo.  He is intentional with projects which helped our organization learn a lot through the design process.