The Problem

Pure Hope was falling behind other nonprofits in the same space when it came to community engagement and brand cohesiveness.

The Solution

Working with a cross-functional team of copy writers, activists, and fundraising specialists we were able to craft a branding system that engaged younger audiences and honored the longtime patrons. I art directed multiple photoshoots and designed a future-proof logo to position Pure Hope as a credible, findable, and desirable community for good.

The Outcome

I was able to organically grow an email list to over one hundred thousand with a 70% click through rate over one year. I also coordinated an email campaign for a 700 theatre, multi-country, release of a feature length film resulting in the film having a theatrical re-release and being picked up by Netflix.


  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Print Publication
  • Strategy


  • Art Director

Additional Project Outcome

Successful Transition

It sounds silly, but before working at Pure Hope I was unaware of the power of archiving. As a team we worked to create an abundance of documentation and multiple backups of source files.

Surreal Experience

This job granted me a front row seat to large brand deals, a global film release, and many board meetings. My voice was cherished and for the first time I was given the opportunity to truly lead in a business.

“Dave is an incredibly talented creative professional, but what makes him world-class is his ability to intuitively understand the intersection of your people, product, and passion and communicate it through an innovative and elegant design aesthetic. We discovered things about ourselves and our mission that were brought to the surface only through his unique strategic and artistic process.”

Noel BouchéFormer CEO and President, PureHope