The Problem

The largest independantly-owned and -operated African American publishing and media company suffered from brand confusion, declining sales, and a lack of highly demanded digital products.

The Solution

As the Chief Creative Officer, I deputized a team of designers, marketers, copy editors, and production managers to empathize with actual users. We conducted in-person focus groups and online surveys to help build meaningful insights through quantitative and qualitative data. We learned that our customers loved our content (high Net Promoter Score), but wished it was more useful and usable.

The Outcome

Taking the feedback and synthesizing it into testable action items, we were able to use iterative approaches to create a feedback loop with active customers. Our team launched eight profitable web products that focus on accessibility and user needs in two years—some products saw as much as 100x subscription growth, resulting in digitalization of the 50 year old company.


  • Company Rebrand
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • User Research
  • Product Development
  • Website Development
  • Hiring and Training
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • Serial Publication Production
  • Visual Identity/Systems


Chief Creative Officer

The Process

Early Wireframing

Additional Project Outcomes

Human Focused Data

Translating all of the data into actionable insights required input from all departments. Carrying around assumptions as the “branding expert” was not permissible in this environment. “I am not the user,” was our mantra.

Cohesive Design System

Deliverables needed to be executed simultaneously and distributed to hundreds of vendors along with clear directions. Partners had to feel empowered and engaged to understand our new brand standards.